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"It never gets easier, you just go faster."
Greg LeMond

Thank you Casper Company

The most reputable demolition and waste disposal companies has made a generous donation to the club to help us travel more in the 2013/2014 season. We all thank you so very much.

Good things just keep coming...

As of this week our riders will all be wearing the Spy Screw sunglasses, thanks a million SPY Optics, words cannot express how excited and grateful we are. 


Also as of this week our riders' water bottles will be full of Skratch Labs nutrition. Thank you Skratch Labs

As usual, a start to a great year

We start off the year with higher expectations and great support from all of our sponsors. Even though we may not be attending any of the collegiate mountain bike races we are expecting to make a larger impact in the road races than all of the precious years combined. We are also working on hosting a collegiate road race in the Spring so that is exciting. Keep the rubber side down and ride on.

Qwik Wrapz

We are proud to welcome Qwik Wrapz to the CSU San Marcos team. Now our riders will have the confidence that their ASSets will be covered with these custom team issue Qwik Wrapz. 


USA Cycling MTB Nationals

Our Captain, Kyle Ireton, was at MTB Nationals in Sun Valley, Idaho going for the podium until his front tire rolled off the rim and had to finish on just the rim. The best part is at the end there is a gnarly rock garden descent he had to ride. He finished 9th of 20 still.

More Pictures  

<iframe height='405' width='590' frameborder='0' allowtransparency='true' scrolling='no' src='http://app.strava.com/runs/12729122/embed/a02dd9ef8d3624d65c1aa84f0315e63ee4bc3f8f'></iframe>

Video of Bryce taking 3rd at BMX Collegiate Nationals


CSUSM takes 4th in the Nation

This weekend the Collegiate BMX nationals took place at the Chula Vista Olympic Training grounds and our very own Bryce Hocking was there to represent CSU San Marcos. With a stacked field of the top ranked riders in the nation competing Bryce was able to earn a very solid 3rd Place. This earned our school enough points to be ranked 4th in the nation in the Collegiate BMX category. Great work and keep an eye out for him in the future, he is going big.


Our track upgrade series this coming up

UCSB race weekend

Awesome work done by Keau, Mason, David and Kyle.

In the Collegiate B category:

3rd Place, Kyle Ireton, Road Race

7th Place, Mason Turvey, Crit

10th Place, Kyle Ireton, Crit (+2nd Place Prime)

11th Place, Keau Wong, Crit

12th Place, Mason Turvey, Road Race 


In the Collegiate D:

7th Place, David Cornell, Road Race

13th Place, David Cornell, Crit (+ 2nd Place Prime)

UCLA Road Race weekend

This past weekend the team was just south of Palmdale in Pearblossom competing in the UCLA Road race. The B category Kyle Ireton was in started at 730am while it was still 34 degrees outside and the 50mile race consisted of snow on the sides of the road with 5800ft of elevation gain. His finish was a solid 5th place. David Cornell raced in the D category and had an awesome 11th place finish on the same course.


Thank you to our sponsors for all your support and to the new ones that have come to our attention this past week.

Thank You to TrainingPeaks.com for the support, as of this week we will be using there program for our further improvements.

 Clif Bar also stepped up and is now helping us out for this year and future years.  


UCSD and SDSU collegiate road weekend

Congratulations to CSU San Marcos this weekend:

Kyle Ireton competed in the Collegiate B category, took a 3rd place finish at the UCSD Boulevard Road race and a 3rd Place in the SDSU Red Trolley Crit race (also won 2 of the 4 sprint primes earning the school 10 additional points).

Mason Turvey competed in his very first Collegiate road race at Boulevard as a Collegiate B rider and did work in the pack to let the breakaway work at Red Trolley.

David Cornell completed his first road race ever and finished 19th with a broken pedal in the Collegiate D category. He also finished in the pack at Red Trolley in the C/D race(avoiding several crashes and considering he has been on the bike for 3 weeks since he was studying abroad in China for the past 5 months it is an amazing start). 

Keau Wong could not make it to the Boulevard Road race but did great work with Mason in the Collegiate B Red Trolley crit.

This weekend was a great success and we received numerous compliments on our kit design(thanks to Keau for the design) and the impact our team made this weekend. Many teams came up to us never knowing we even had a team, but with the results we had this weekend that is now a thought of the past. We are here to make our school heard.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Specialized for the awesome bikes and support,

CSU San Marcos Campus Recreation for the post race lunch,

SDBC for the strategy help, cheering and pep talking,

Fluid for the sports drink mix they supplied SDBC that allowed us to maintain optimal power and not cramp

Pink Shorts Photography for the awesome race photos and team pictures

and all the other supporters that are out there that make our racing possible. 

6hrs of Temecula January 2012

Great efforts put on by Mason Turvey and Kyle Ireton this past weekend at the 6hrs of Temecula mountain bike race on the 21st and the 3 stage enduro Race on the 22nd. Kyle finished 2nd place out of 52 in the Open Category with 8 laps and a total of 72 miles, finishing behind last years High School National Champion by 6 minutes. Being Mason's first endurance race and making a feel for the duration of it he finished 6 laps, he now know whats to expect for the next one in June and will make a huge impact of the competition.  The next day Kyle took 1st place in the Expert class during the 3 stage enduro race.

More Pictures


Racers and Chasers Balboa Park XC Race

Congratulations to Mason Turvey for taking 1st place at the Racers and Chasers Balboa Park Race over the past weekend. He is just getting into mountain biking again and he had the fastest time of the entire field of Cat 2 racers.


CSU San Marcos Spyclocross

Congratulations to Mason Turvey for taking 6th place at the San Marcos Spyclocross over the weekend. Great results, but whats even more amazing is that it was on a mountain bike.

6hrs of Temecula

Kyle Ireton took 4th of 50 at the November 12th, 2011 12hrs of Temecula. Next time getting the proper nutrition will help get better results.

Thanks to all of our sponsors for allowing us to race.




Stanford/Toro Park Bike race recap

Kyle Ireton raced Callegiate A and took a 6th place finish at this past weekends Short Track XC event which was 30 minutes of repeating a .7 mile loop. Average speed was 16.1mph. He also raced in the Collegiate A XC race and placed 12th, it was a 5 mile course that was to be done 5 times and had 800 feet of climbing on each lap followed by a fast downhill to the finish.

Here is his recap of the event:

The Short track was fun, I had a routine and a plan that worked out well over the 30 minute race, the course was a fast fire road climb to single track DH section followed by some cyclocross turns at the finish. The 1st - 5th positions were just a lot stronger and took off at second lap. For laps 5-8 there were 3 of us fighting and one guy could not keep up and fell back. A San Luis Obispo guy and I were working for the 6th position and I had him on the uphill, we were both hurting but he was a bit more on the hills. Second to last lap I tried to sprint him up the hill and could not shake him and let him take the lead to the DH. Last lap I found some reserve energy and grunted as hard as I could up the hill and put a 80ft gap on him, kept ahead on the DH and took 6th. Average speed of 16.2mph

The XC course was 5 laps of a 5 mile course which had a 800 ft climb off the bat and then a single track DH to the finish.  My plan was to keep with the front group as long as I can and fall back to the next group and create a plan to sprint them at the end. The first lap i was in the first 5 racers which made me climb the hill in the big ring hammering it. I fell back to the 6th, 7th, 8th place group for the next 2 laps. The 4th lap I could not keep up and fell back and was on my own until the end of that lap. Going into the last lap I was with the 9th and 10th places and stuck with them til the top of the last climb then they took off and I had no energy. I was caught on the DH and had a plan to sprint him to the finish and he ended up having a lot more energy than I did and he definitely earned 11th. I held onto 12th. Average speed of 12.1mph


Here are the results:

Short Track XC

Cross Country


Stanford Collegiate Race at Toro Park

This weekend (October 15th and 16th) CSU San Marcos will be up in the Monterey mountains at Toro Park with two days of intense mountain bike racing. An awesome weekend of camping at the world famous Laguna Seca Race Track, racing several events and having an overall grand old time will be taking place. Wish us luck at we take on the Collegiate A category in Cross Country, Super D and Short Track.


Event Flier

San Luis Obispo Parkfield Results Posted

For the second time in CSUSM history we are on the results board for mountain biking.

Parkfield Results

Parkfield Classic / San Luis Obispo Collegiate MTB race

This past weekend CSU San Marcos made a great impact at the Parkfield classic. Our captain, Kyle Ireton finished the B race with a time of 1 hour 11 minutes to earn him the top of the podium. Check out his race data here. 

Parkfield Classic


Dana Point GP

Our emeritus racer, Kevin Raffery II taking out an idiot moto Marshall at Dana Point GP(who parks on a hot turn out start/finish??). Aluminum frame was destroyed, wheels are fine (SPINERGY BABY!!!), Kevin is all good.

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